Rules of the Road

Group Ride Etiquette

Thanks to our sponsor Gentex Corporation for producing this video!

Rules of the Road

  1. This is not a race; we do encourage you to challenge yourself on all the courses.

  2. Helmets are mandatory. Cyclists must have a helmet on at all times on the MSU Gran Fondo courses.

  3. Obey all traffic laws. All cyclists are responsible for obeying all traffic laws. We have a rolling closure at the start, after that you are on open roads. Ride single file whenever possible. Any cyclist who is deemed to be riding unsafely, discourteously or recklessly will be pulled from the event and possibly ticketed by local law enforcement – Law enforcement will be patrolling the course and will stop, detain or ticket any rider not obeying Michigan Vehicle Code on Rules of the Road for Biking.

  4. Ride as far to the right of the road as is safely possible except to pass.

  5. No iPods, headphones or music devices are to be worn after the event starts or at any time on the MSU Gran Fondo courses.

  6. No personal support vehicles allowed on the courses. The less cars on the road the safer the event will be.

  7. No human/personal support allowed at any time at any rest stop, on the course or from a moving vehicle.

  8. Display your bike-plate number and wristband. All registered riders that want a result and time must attach their bike-plate number as instructed at packet pick up. Any rider who fails to properly attach their bike plate will not get an official time at the finish line. If you do not have your wristband on you will not be allowed access at the rest stops and will not get lunch at the Finish Line Festival. No exceptions.

  9. No unregistered riders. Unregistered riders will not be allowed to start with the mass start or allowed to be in the rolling closure. Unregistered riders will not be allowed to get water or food at any of the rest stops. Also, individuals walking, skateboarding or rollerblading are not allowed on the course.

  10. Use the Port-o-Jons provided at the rest stops. Please do not go to the bathroom anywhere on course except public bathrooms or the Port-o-Jons. If you are seen by law enforcement you will be ticketed for indecent exposure, face possible sexual offender status and will ruin the event for everyone involved – it only takes one person.

  11. Be respectful to other riders and have fun!