3 Skin Cancer Prevention Tips to Remember this Summer

May 26, 2021 - Dr. John D. Renucci

In honor of May as Skin Cancer Awareness Month, MSU College of Human Medicine clinical assistant professor John D. Renucci, MD, shares tips on reducing your risk of skin cancer. In addition to being an avid cyclist and MSU Gran Fondo participant, Dr. Renucci is the founder of TURO SKIN, a premier sponsor of this year’s event!

Who doesn’t enjoy summertime? Nicer weather ushers in warmer temperatures, sunny days, outdoor activities like biking, swimming, tennis, as well as beach vacations. Unfortunately, prolonged sun exposure can significantly increase your risk of skin cancer as well as increase the visible signs of aging on your face. Here are a few simple concepts to remember this summer.

  1. Anytime you are outside, your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays. Many associate sunscreens with the beach, however it is important to wear sunscreen daily. Walking to and from your car, driving in a convertible or with your window down, walking, running, boating, and biking are all examples of potential exposure. With the advent of non-greasy, moisturizing, soothing, and non-whitening sunscreen, applying sunscreen daily is more seamless and practical. Remember to reapply frequently throughout the day.

  2. Skin cancers can be difficult to diagnose. Discovering and treating them early will both reduce the risk of spread as well as the extent of surgical treatment. Regular screenings by your dermatologist is an essential step in skin cancer prevention. 

  3. Avoid sun tanning booths and sunburns – both increase your risk of skin cancer significantly.