Is Your Bike Fondo Ready?

July 22, 2021 - Ralf Scharnowski

Make sure your bike is safe, reliable & fun to ride.

Congratulations, you signed up for your first MSU Gran Fondo! Having fun at the Fondo starts with ensuring your bike is ready for a safe ride.  

Let’s start with helmets. It’s smart to wear a helmet on all rides and you’ll be required to wear one during the Fondo. Having the right size and adjusting it properly will ensure you’re getting maximum protection. Watch the video below and become a helmet sizing pro.

Keeping with the size and adjustment theme, let’s move on to bikes. As you may have guessed, bike size is key to safety and enjoyment. The right sized bike will help you feel confident and comfortable while riding, both are essential to having fun on two wheels.   

Hop on your bike and check for these safety basics: Can you easily reach your brake and shift levers while riding? When stopped and standing in front of your seat, can you comfortably stand over the bike with both feet on the ground? Are your arms slightly flexed while holding the handlebars?

If you answered No to any one of those questions, your bike may be the wrong size or need to be adjusted. The video below shows you the basics of bike fit and adjustment. Ask a cycling friend for help or see your local bike shop. They’ll happily assist you with any adjustment needs.

Now you’re ready for a bike safety check. The video below shows you how to quickly inspect your bike before every ride. The basic M check will catch most safety issues before you head out on your ride and will reduce the chance of getting stranded with a mechanical issue on route. If your bike fails any part of the M check, please visit your local bike shop for help.  

Being bike safety conscious continues with using your senses. Squeaks, rattles and rubbing sounds offer clues that your bike needs some TLC. Trust your senses if your bike is hard to pedal, feels shaky or has notchy steering. A squeaky chain is easily fixed with a few drops of oil. If your bike feels hard to pedal, check your tire pressure. If your brakes don’t stop well or something feels loose, it’s best to visit the bike repair pros at your local bike shop.

That covers the basics of getting your bike ready for safe riding. Stay tuned for more tips and leave us a comment if you’ve got any topics you’d like to hear about.

Have fun and stay safe!

Ralf Scharnowski is an avid cyclist and believes in being curious about everything.  He’s the owner of gap30cycles and other entrepreneurial pursuits.